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UFO Base in Brasil


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"DNA and the Brain" - Dr. James Watson speaks at Google

DNA and FREE WILL ARE WE! THE 21st Century Knowledge and way to be aware of self and others. We still have ET DNA enhanced alien contactees, but this will enlighten the novices to the planet. I love people, places, and things. I love to be share, care, and be aware of the future. Come to the GRAND ACE PARACON - Oct. 23-24-25, Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center. ACE PARACON Meet and Greet Atrium and Adventure CON bit Convention Center. We will both have Anime and Comic Club Members there. Also, Customers and Celebrities. TJTM

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Barack Obama: On Net Neutrality

open internet free information - Obama WORLD


Earth v Human


History of the Internet


The Amazing Internet


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Area51 and area on Google Earth.avi

Atlantis Uncovered Part 1

In Search Of... Atlantis (Part 1 of 3) Nimoy


Is Atlantis Found On Google Earth?


Sacred Geometry - Part 1


By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Truth is stranger than fiction.


I have secrets and some I will share
and some I will not.
I listen to the 44th President of the United States, President Barack
Obama. I heard him say in Cairo, Egypt via television and my DSL
Internet On Line via my computer to tell the truth to the world who
was watching and listening and all those who were not that will learn
about his speech through history and in schools.

I am an observer and a participant in life on earth. I have had my
life in school, in the military, and in the business world. I have
been on many stages, on television many times, radio, and even in a
movie. I have been no one and I have been someone in others eyes. I
experienced life and am very proud to be an American.

One thing that I am not proud of are the lies we tell each other, our
children, our families, our community, our society, our culture, and
now the entire world based on our government and the elected officials
who are in elected and appointed official positions that represent “WE

Those who are in office have a responsibility to up hold the justice,
democracy, and this republic for all citizens of these United States.
Not just some because it feels right or because of popular constituent
votes or polls taken.

Doing what is right and telling the truth was what this country was
founded upon. Not Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Who came up with that saying
and demoralizing way of being in the Military? They must have been a
Communist. President Obama we need your assistance sir.

Many arguments can be supported on both sides of the gender issues
that we are facing in our future. But, we need you to be the strong
Commander in Chief that we know you can be and honor this very
important part of what you have spoken in your days prior to your
election sir. I do not know this 1st Lt. Dan Choi who graduated as an
Officer and chose to serve the greater good and to be a part of
something greater than himself.

The military is very important to me on at home with Homeland Security
because so many people are already trained to be responders as needed
in an emergency. We can work together and use words we all know. In
America, because we can all relate to how we want to protect America,
our freedom, our democracy, for our family, country, flag, and all
beings on this planet. I like military in this world because we can
all work together to help others in cataclysms, when extremists try to
cause harm to themselves and others.

I know what it feels like to take the oath to defend this country
against both foreign and domestic enemies. I do know the respect for
my self and my country when I was finally allowed to wear my U. S.
Navy uniform. And, I do know what it feels like to be discriminated
against for wearing that uniform and to be looked down upon by others.

I am a woman who was born in the great southern state of Louisiana the
day after Christmas, 1951. I was the child that was supposed to be a
boy to please my father, and his father, and all the great proud men
who have been in our military and I was born a woman with the last
name of Thurmond. I was resented because I was a girl and I lived with
that until I could be brave enough to accept that there was nothing in
this world I could do to change my gender and to hold my head up high.
I also had three brothers with the name of Thurmond and Nathaniel who
wore the U.S. Marine Corps Uniform and taught at Paris Island, North
Carolina was treated harshly by African Americans because his last
name was Thurmond. He is now deceased but I know some of his deepest
issues with the fact that he grew up and went to school with black
boys and some of them were his best friends but since he is not hear
to tell his story I will leave it wit the fact that he was proud of
that uniform and his country just as I am today.

Our brother, David Thurmond is now deceased due to the Aids Virus. My
brother David was a twin to my sister Wendy Thurmond Finley. David
wanted to serve in the military and we had conversations about it.
Since his oldest sister and brother had served as well as his father,
it was natural for him to want too. But, because he grew up with a
male body being the twin to a female, he was different. I knew when he
was born that he was different and I was only ten years old. He had it
tough in school and being around people.

It was no fault of his, he had a normal body with all working parts,
all ten fingers, and toes, and male anatomy at its finest. But, he was
different because his female spirit did not match his male body. We
lived in a normal neighborhood and he was never around people who were
gay. He did not adopt a coming out until he was a singer and won a
spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show. My brother had to be brave enough to
accept that he would not be able to change his gender no matter what
God had created. He was a Latter Day Saint and believed in Jesus and
God as a Christian. The Church thought God made mistakes by putting
the wrong spirit in the wrong body and that my brother would not go to
Heaven but Hell and could be excommunicated and would no longer be
part of our family and would no longer be sealed to us after we were
sealed in the Temple in Washington , D.C. My brother died being
truthful to his family, and my mother worked for years in Houston with
the Aids Foundation and many dying men. My mother has been the mother
to many young men while they lived in her home and many came to her
home to die. My family has observed more pain and death than there is
room to write in this one article.

It is time that this world get right with the truth that there are
many spiritual good beings that believe in family, God, and country
and somewhere along the way, this country got it into rules, laws,
policies, procedures and into the government personnel to right and
accept such a thing in our laws that some of our children that grow up
whether they become men or women should not be outward in appearance
or action with who they really are. They are told to don’t tell if
someone ask if they are gay, lesbian, transgender. The “Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell” issue in the military is ridiculous. Somewhere along the
way someone decided that we may know by looking at a person, or
listening to them talk, that they may be gay, lesbian or transgender
that we should simply allow them to enlist and serve their country.

If, those who are in paid professions as recruiters who wear the
military uniforms and allowed these people into the military to serve
our country, then they apparently decided that they were fit to pass
the physical. This is proof enough that if they passed the physical
that they have what it takes to serve our country. We know that they
have to have proof of citizenship and that should be all they need. It
should not be in their contract or even mentioned to these beings that
they should not ask and don’t tell if anyone ask about whether they
are gay, lesbian, transgender. This is the same thing as saying if
someone ask if you are a woman, black, Chinese, Mexican instead of
African American, Asian, or Latino. It is all wrong. Gender issues and
sexual preferences are not necessarily the same issue.

I am a woman who served as a Private Investigator, Legal Investigator,
Military personnel, GS government civilian employee, and I drove a
commercial 18 wheeler Big Rig, and 53’ trailer coast to coast in
America. These are the jobs that were usually considered a man’s job.
I learned to cope with men’s flirting and remarks and trying to make
me feel guilty for doing these jobs. I may have been a woman but I was
asked if I was a man, and yet had the totally feminine body. I was
considered attractive so learned to handle myself when sexual remarks
were made. This is a part of our culture in America. The learning to
cope with other beings and their prejudices.

This 1st Lt. Dan Choi looks Asian to me but I heard he was a
translator and was needed by our military. Just because he has chosen
to tell when asked if he is gay should not be a reason to put him out
of the military. I see no different than putting me in the military as
a woman with me serving with many gay men in the medical field. I made
it 8 years with knowing many military gay and lesbian both who served
as professionals and did their jobs. This is based on experience. They
were not treated any different in the medical field in the Navy. The
Army should not treat they personnel any different because their
troops are declaring the truth. I saw this 1st Lt. Dan Choi of the
U.S. Army Reserve on television and he represents many people who feel
the same way as I do but do not have a chance to speak out on

I thought maybe he had been accused of espionage or something dealing
with being thrown out of the army for not doing his job. So America is
about throwing qualified personnel out of the army based on the Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell issue? WE should take issue if someone tells a lie or
commits perjury. If he lost his legs due to combat I would still say
give him some prosthetics and give him a desk job but let the man keep
his job. It is not a fault that someone can rectify with all the
people I have seen in the military. Most of them did not want to be
the way they are. It was not a choice. It was not with my brothers who
died and it is not with me. I wanted to be a boy but was born a girl.
My husband former 1st Sergeant Thomas R. Morris, U.S. Army served
1980-1993. Things were different then. He felt then that the gay men
would get beat up, ridiculed, or killed by his own troops. He was Army
and I was Navy. I worked with Army in field training exercises, I
worked with the Marines and I never saw any of the men in uniform
mistreat our feminine acting hospital corpsman, medics, or officers.
This is something that is old and ridiculous.

Troops are smarter and better trained than we were in the 80’s. I saw
women being put on ships just to meet a man and get pregnant that was
more of an issue than gay men in the Navy. The men were complaining
about women in the military is that still an issue too?

In the news on the Internet the civil unrest on some major American
Issues may become global issues. Which way will President Obama go
with the issues of our times. These are the times that will try men’s
souls, and women’s too. I was not a hippy, and a bra burned in the
60’s because I was living with the Viet Nam War barefoot and pregnant
while my husband worked for NASA to stay out of the draft. I wanted to
go to war and could not because I was a woman with children. I know
from experience. I am 57 years old now.
I have had experiences out of body, near death experiences, and extra
terrestrial contact experiences and that is the truth so help me God.
I speak out now because it is the truth.

On Gay Issues, Obama Says "Don't Ask" The president, who favors civil
unions but not marriage for gay couples, promised to repeal the "don't
ask" policy as well as the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), another
Clinton-era policy, which requires that the federal government not
recognize "a relationship between persons of the same sex as a

President Promised To Repeal Policy On Gays In The Military But Has
Not Acted; Gay Groups Growing Increasingly Impatient "The Court is
signaling the other two branches of government that any change to this
policy is going to have to come from them, the executive and
legislative branches," CBS News chief legal analyst Andrew Cohen, who
adds that the decision is not an endorsement of the policy. "The
Court isn't endorsing the policy - it's simply choosing as it usually
does to stay out of military policies. Historically the Justices have
been willing to give great deference to the White House in military
affairs," Cohen writes.

On the CBS News June 2, 2009 | by Brian Montopoli

Perhaps the highest-profile recent discharge has been that of Lt. Dan
Choi, a linguist fluent in Arabic who publicly announced his
homosexuality in March. In April of last year, the president
explicitly addressed the discharge of officers like Choi in an
interview with The Advocate magazine.

"We're spending large sums of money to kick highly qualified gays or
lesbians out of our military, some of whom possess specialties like
Arab-language capabilities that we desperately need," he said. Roughly
12,500 service members have been discharged under the "don't ask"
policy since it was implemented, among them 800 "mission critical"

CBA Political Hot sheet on the Internet: As long as the promise of
equality for all remains unfulfilled, all Americans are affected," he
said. "If we can work together to advance the principles upon which
our Nation was founded, every American will benefit. During LGBT Pride
Month, I call upon the LGBT community, the Congress, and the American
people to work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of
sexual orientation or gender identity."

But four-and-a-half months into his presidency, Mr. Obama has not
acted on his campaign promises on gay issues. Pressed on the lack of
action on "don't ask," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs indicated
that the administration is working with the military to end the policy
in a responsible way. He also said that doing so requires a
"legislative vehicle." (Legislation has been introduced in the House,
but not the Senate, to change the law.)

As I stated in my last article on American Chronicle, The United
States government needs to be revamped and this includes policies, and
procedures not just the laws and statutes. I love my country and I am
proud to be an American Woman! I am also a proud American woman
advocate for all human rights for the entire world. I am a voting
constituent here me. President Obama ran on “CHANGE” well, “President
Obama as Commander in Chief, Sir, with all due respect, now is the
time for all good men and women be they straight, gay, lesbian,
bisexual, or transgender to come to the aid of their country to assist
in creating a better world for the greater good and the entire global

Truth is stranger than fiction.

TJ MORRIS ACIR/Morris Publishing
American Culture International Relations
656 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY USA 42320

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TJ मौरिस तं, अची स्म, थेरेसा ज. तुर्मोंद मौरिस - ओबामा ओराक्ले 2012

Mariah CareyMariah Carey via

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, born in USA, has become a woman with a passion, purpose, mission, and is accomplishing her goals.

Theresa J. Morris professionally known as TJ Morris tm which is her name and trademark uses the ACIR sm as her service mark as an interested party in International and Goal Community Social Cultural Growth with emphasis on Social Entrepreneurial ventures.

TJ can maintains various websites as an Author/Entepreneur. TJ speaks of the days last century that are behind her as a fine exotic old wine. One of her favorite analogies on earth has been that older women are like fine wine and they become better with age.

TJ has many skills dealing with global and cultural issues and one of her skills has always been with traveling and sharing the admiration and respect with other human beings around the world no matter what cultural traditions and beliefs may separate the mind. Theresa learned at an early age to be an Ambassador of Goodwill from her seniors in Louisiana where she was born.

Tj's paternal side of the family the Thurmonds were from the South and her Great Grandfather was Richard "Dick" Jackson Thurmond who owned the Ripley Railroad with Faulkner in Ripley, Mississippi.

Tj's family own her mother's side saw strong women including her Great Aunt becoming the first woman superintendant of schools in New York City which was always a large part of her family becoming educators in schools at various levels from New York through Missouri and into Monroe, Louisiana for Northeast State and LSU.

TJ has a love for all countries, her homeland the United States of America and all her states that include certain areas where her four daughters choose to call home for professional employment reasons.

Angela Dawn Parrish graduated high school, and TJ took her directly to college and did not allow her to go on spring break to Florida upon her graduation. Angela was a model perfect six and stood 5'11, a true blonde hazel eyes. Angelar went to Tj's office in Los Angeles where she was discovered and played a model in a movie.

Lauren Michelle Parrish was asked to attend college in Honolulu, Hawaii at Uniersity of Hawaii where TJ's corporate office was located but chose to stay in Winter Park, Orlando Florida area where she now is in banking.

Stephanie Esther Parrish, modeled in Atlanta, Georgia for her mother's High Fashion Bathing Suit line and Managed the Atlanta Apparel Mart for three years having a family of three sons still living in Buckhead. Stephanie has since had the last granddaughter for TJ named Kali Mariah Smith and has the beginnings of a talented Mariah Carey who she was named after but will more likely follow in Beyonce Knowles's foot steps. She will most likely be a model like her mother and 3 Aunts all were.

Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish was a model who snared a large modeling agency in New York and was on her way to Europe when she met a surfer and chose to attend the Greatful Dead Tour instead at Mom's expense. Ginger attended a private high school in Honolulu, Hawaii. Gi-Gi as she was called during her modeling days now resides with he two sons outside of Phoenix, Arizona and is a spiritual minister following her life's path.

TJ hopes to create a new beginning for her four daughters, and her grandchildren, Steven, Ann-Marie, Hayley Michelle all Ryan's living new Aunt Stephanie in Florida.
Stephanie has Brandon Lee named after Tj's passion with martial arts, the famous Bruce Lee. Stephanie was honoring her mother's belief system in many of the eastern phiosophies for boys. There is Keith, and Kevin and the three boys live in Atlanta.

Gi-GI has Dustin and Jayden Skipper in Arizona, while Jacob and Jordan Thomas live in Lubbock, Texas attending school.

Lauren M. Parrish has Gabriel who was born in Houston, Texas and also studies martial arts. All the grandsons are sport minded and in martial arts which TJ believes offer mental discipline for the body-mind-spirit. The girls were all given a spiritual life and are business working Mothers.

TJ wants to begin building a firm foundation for the future of not just her 9 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters but for all children of the world.

TJ has never been motivated by money and greed which can work against an entrepreneur on this planet. TJ has since learned to concentrate on her passions, and purpose, and the results are reward enough. It will be up to the family legacy of strong maternal women who will build a new empire for this 2012 bunch of teenagers.

TJ had a hard time interesting her four daughters in her line of work in international marketing and manufacturing. Stephanie was the only daughter who worked directly for her mother full time in the family business. Lauren worked for her mother part-time in Waukegan, Illinois doing Title Searches in the legal areas of her mother's line of work while waiting on her orders to Hawaii. Lauren took an interest in mortgage banking and has fulfilled her goal with a bank in Florida.

The TJ Morris tm ACIR sm may be left to TJ Morris Friends and this is why TJ is being quite exclusive about who will be allowed in her inner circle. Tj's background in Business and Public Security with government hands own training in personnel and information security has taught her the best way to create a good outlook on how the future of her designs in manufacturing and distribution internationally will work.

TJ has had some colleagues and partners in life she has thought she could trust but their heart was good until the larger business venture started coming their way as TJ's designs and marketing skills began taking off in the third year. This was the crucial time for her business to grow. TJ says she seemed to have greed cropping up from all her business partners in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US. She realized that when it comes to taking a corporation where it needs to go in order to move forward that the bridge to prosperity is a long and hard road to follow.

TJ says this time she will forge her path knowing there will be rocks in the road but she will leave a trail for others.

TJ favors the many people from India whom she met while doing psychic fairs in Honolulu. One gentleman took videos of Theresa back to India and TJ made friends with many and learned of their beliefs and culture first hand.

TJ also met Buddhist Monks while in Honolulu, and when she went to Japan. She hopes to blend her many ways of dealing globally so that all may prosper from the future global marketing strategies. TJ is managing her business though many friends are offering as volunteers through her chosen charity line of work called Ace Folklife.

TJ said she tried to interest some people in Kentucky where she filed in Ace Folklife for art, culture, education, and her book publishing which is one of her passions is sharing in Ascension Educational Awareness. She worked as a volunteer Event Planner in Kentucky from 2001 with the Bill Monroe Foundation and has her charter hanging on her wall. This has since been changed to the Monroe Foundationa dn Jerusalem Ridge Festival which she worked 5 consecutive years when Bluegrass Festivals began a festival at the Ohio County Fairgrounds 2004-2007 for three years and TJ caught the folklife education of Kentucky from the Western Kentucky University Anthroplogy Department and the Ohio County Tourism in bluegrass. Tj has recently decided to put the festivals to rest because of the lack of interest to the outdoors crowd when the gasoline prices went up as did the global warming temperatures.

TJ saw the change in people due to economic hard times and had some hard times between 2006 when she first filed her business with the Internal Revenue Service which is required to dun a business in America. TJ had two years into a local business with her husband and his father when they both became ill and and Grandfather Morris 108 Years old was laid to rest. The Morris Family was saddened and in mourning. The world seemed to be mourning all of 2008.

TJ is allowing her time with her husband while editing his books which he has completed four and she has four that are to be edited and completed for publication but will miss the deadlines for the big book shows internationally. One may be a goal for each. Tom Morris is TJ's soul mate and writes military mysteries. TJ is more into space and science with some paranormal experiences that have become of interest to her readers awaiting her book called TAKEN UP. American Book Publishers as been waiting for the Alien Contact Experiences book. TJ has the files but due to her product line and husband's health has not had time to only write. TJ has been cranking out articles for UFO Digest in Canada for Dirk Vander Ploeg on a weekly basis of about 2000 words a week, as well as, American Chronicle, American News Magazine, and Anew News.

TJ has not had much time to share with her social network friends on line so has been at least keeping in contact on Facebook and Twitter since no time to answer personal emails to her readers. They have grown with her over the last two years and know that she cut back on the emails to write books.

TJ has not shared her talent in goods and services marketing and manufacturing, nor her talents as an Investigator working for rich attorneys in Houston such as the famous Percy Foreman, Benton Musslewhite, and Newton Schwartz with an occasional case with John O'Quinn, and other well known law firms. TJ has always been told by a New York Agent that if she ever wanted to write her book "Houston Undercover" copyrighted name that her private eye and Legal Investigator stories would be better sellers in New York than the niche paranormal genre but, TJ has obligations first.

TJ has signed a contract for all the merchandising rights for future sells under her name with a rather large media corporation in the U.K. which was at the end of 2007.

TJ will not discuss this with her friends or Webmasters, not even her spouse or attorney. This leaves the reality show in the future after her book signing tours.

TJ explained that her product line is in the making and will not launch until after 2010 when she has her first book released and can nurture her husband through his marketing campaign. Tom is also an artist and his collections was appraised by an art dealer of $285,000 for the 250 on 8x10 pen and ink one of a kinds. Tom sold several copies that went out around the world through sales at a local Beaver Dam Cafe with visitors during the Bluegrass Festivals season and visitors from U.K. and Australia. It was hard for TJ to grasp that people from around the world come to Kentucky for other than the Kentucky Derby Race. The Western Kentucky Bluegrass Region has several counties teaming up.

TJ moved to the green trees and blue hills of Beaver Dam, Ohio County, Kentucky by choice. TJ lives in Mitch McConnell land where people are very proud of their independent heritage and aim to keep their gun rights along with their human rights.

TJ says she may appear old on the inside but she has a corvette V8 Chassis just like the Corvettes of Bowling Green, Kentucky USA where the home of Fruit of the Look is also. TJ is big on cotton and natural green cotton from her old Eco-Fashion Days. TJ wears only natural materials and we can expect to see her new designer line for the general woman populace that want strong double seams in their clothing styles.

TJ is also an animal lover and has always had a dog as a companion. TJ says as always a portion of the sales of all her products will support animal rights. TJ also supports human rights around the world. Health and prosperity are her goals now and she is laying out a new business and marketing plan for her daughter Stephanie who will assist TJ in the Eco-Friendly new designer market promoting models.

TJ likes America's Next Top Model and wants to support the plus size. TJ explains that was her next project in Chicago which is the closest fashion convention. TJ says she has Atlanta in mind again as well. Dallas can stand alone although she says she always enjoyed the shows there. Nashville is closest and only 100 miles from Beaver Dam. TJ is going to watch the marketing trends through 2009 while doing one more year with her websites before turning them over to a Webmaster she can trust. Fro now, she has three people in mind. Two men and One woman. The Jewelry shows in Atlanta are the ones she has been with besides in Honolulu. TJ was considering working with a market in Owensboro and Evansville, Indiana and is looking into the marketing traditions in the area.

Tj says that the world has changed so much since 1990 and that 2010 will be twenty years since she signed her showroom contracts in LA and Atlanta. TJ says if all goes well 2011-2020 will be the rise of the Phoenix for her new "KEEPER OF THE FLAME".


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This is a sweet teacher with a pet snake TJ

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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Anthroponomy is full view science using both sides of the brain and not just one.

The study of both anthropology and astronomy as it relates to attributes of character to deity. Anthroponomy could be thought of in science as the study of science and religion as one field relating to human creation from deities.

Science in the past has been somewhat left brain logic in a psychology sense. Religion has been in the past somewhat of a right brain logic in a philosophycal sense.

It is time the intelligent beings species of earth knows the truth. This is the study of ontology at it's best. There are the educators of languages coming together desiring a new way to address the human population. The global community now has input. The awareness of the Akashic Field that has only been used in the past by Oracles, Shamans, mediums, psychics, geniuses, and futurist entrepreneurs will now be explained to others.

This is part of the Ancient History records and artifacts being opened to those who desire to know the truth of the origin of humankind. This is part of the Age of Revelation. This is part of the age of revealing to those who want to know about how life is created at levels before the sperm and egg is formed in the human species.

This is part of the future of humankind on earth as it once was in Lemuria and Atlantis. This is the part of the Library of Alexandria that was destroyed. This information will bring forth all the black holes in our memories. Anthroponomy will be

created and studied in this generation for those who are born December 21,2012, 11:11 and afterwards. The secrets of Egypt will be discovered.

On May 31, 2009, Global Community Proclamation Proposal was presented to the Obama World.

This is about the truth. This is about allowing the whole population learn about what I know to be the truth.

The Global Community Proclamation Proposal is about becoming true Universal Virtual Citizens or UVCs.

Why the change in nomenclature one might ask? Because it is time. As of Sunday, May 31, 2009, on our way of keeping time, the Supreme Being Alliance has allowed me as their spokesperson, communicator, or Commander of the Fleet above that some call angels and others call light beings to allow for all of us to get right with our own species.

We are now going to share with everyone that they are more than they have been lead to believe in the past by others in charge. We the people thought that our government, world leaders, and religious leaders were in on the loop of those above we refer to as spiritual Supreme Beings.

Now, it has come to my attention that we are all the same. That those in charge are only working in their chosen or elected positions based on laws of man and not based on laws of spirit. The difference is in discernment and are undoubting.

The Supreme High Council is my guides. The lady in charge I cannot say her name in English or any other language on earth. That is how different their language actually is to the way we think and speak. I have a talent for languages and rolling my tongue when needed to make sounds. This is not the case here. The language of the Guides or Gods and Goddesses that are truly those in space that are celestial beings are using a language that no human being or other intelligent being species can speak. I am sure that they created this as a safety factor to maintain the superior distance that comes with being a much more superior level of species in not only having more levels of understanding and knowledge but in what we call age as in years spent alive on earth.

The reason that I am following up the last article Angels and Demons good and bad aliens with this good and bad ET UFO Friends is to show that there are those of us who are ET UFO Friends that are considered good and bad while we are here on earth. This is important. There will be a time on earth when we may have to decide which side we are on. This is due to infiltration of the dark into the light and vice versa.

The light workers are those who have chosen to be so. The light workers usually have good common sense and work with their own guides above. They usually have a conscience and have some form of connection with a guiding force be it outside themselves or inside and attached with what some call their silver or golden chord of a plasma like substance. Some of us believe that even though the umbilical chord is cut when we are born as children that the real chord to our creators are never cut. It is a symbolic gesture that is manifested here on earth at our physical birth.

The way that we are created from one male who carries one part of us as sperm and then the female part of us that is carried by the mother as the egg should be apparent to all beings that we are created on earth with a male and female part. This makes us 50% male and 50% female. Why so many men and women find a way to mistreat each other because of gender is beyond my and those who have a heavenly abode is beyond our comprehension. Yes, they too ask questions of our inferior earth species. This is a very deep conversation and will take a book to explain. Maybe if I am allowed to stay on earth a while longer I can add it to my get a "Round Tuit" list of books to write. Sometime, I feel like I am writing a New Jubilees or Apocrypha. I can tell why.

There are those in ancient of days who came and went from planet earth. Some were born as human beings on earth. Some were light workers or angels from above. There were some who came to assist others on earth who were considered good people. The ones who lived a good life with morals and ethics and came closest to being accepted by those above were a peaceful clan of beings.

When certain beings as clans got together in life and living and forged a level of existence together some became wicked in their ways. This caused concern above. The species was not put here to be wicked and kill. Those above who seeded us on planet earth desired our king and kind to be as they are in the higher levels in the telestial, extraterrestrial, and celestial worlds. This terrestrial world was the place where many of us are sent to learn how to be a part of the intelligent being species that can think and act of their new freewill and make their own choices in body-mind-spirit bodies.

Through the many thousands of years that beings were seeded on earth. There were some of us who once lived on the planet Mars that was in the exact place that earth now is. The reason there is only one planet in this solar system is complicated to explain to those who do not study anthroponomy and science. But, basically, there is only room in a water belt around the sun for one planet. That place was once harnessed in space by the planet we now call Mars.

Mars was once here and was hit by a rather large asteroid in a collision and was knocked off course and when it was, the planets were scrambled around and the planet we now call Earth took the place of Mars in the positioning around earth. This is part of the truth and the real history of this planet. As far as I know, I am the only one besides my husband on earth who knows the truth about this.

That is why certain beings are chosen to come to earth based on the choices made of our extraterrestrial leaders in other galaxies. Some of us based on who we were before we were born are created the same as all beings one earth but, we have agreed before we came to being tweaked and to agree to certain ways of knowing. This is also very complicated to explain and will take a book. That is why it is hard to write at the level of my understanding since some of what I write comes direct from extraterrestrials who allow me to remember or receive information direct. Some call these our guides, light workers, angels, aliens, Est., extraterrestrials, and some believe we are prophets for the Gods and Goddesses. Some simply call us Oracles. Some call us Shamans. Some call us mediums and psychics. The military term is remote viewers.

Regardless of what we are called, there are still levels of being, and understanding among us. We all have callings and elections made sure. We also have various reasons for what we do. Some prefer to call their sixth and seventh senses gifts or talents. This can take a book and I hope to complete it someday because I know it will help others with why they are the way they are. There are various levels of logic and reason. There are various levels of understanding. We have five parts to our brains that can be used. Most do not know this or use the three parts.

Psychologists, and the medical field have various terms for the levels of the mind. We are bringing enough education and information to the world to have various people with intelligence levels to research the mind and the brain. The future will be much better for those who are making discoveries of how the body-mind-spirit functions.

I will need to write a book in a faith based or spiritual way in order to reach the most people the fastest on the subjects of the mind and spirit. Some people say that I am a very spiritual person. Yet, to some who change and translate my writings in to the Latino or Spanish languages who are Catholics, they may think that I am an alarmist. This would be seen as bad or negative energy. This is furthest thing from my and how I conceive my spirit and being here. I have a knowing inside my own seed and sinew that is expressed as love, caring, sharing for the greater good of all beings on earth and to assist in the ascension or raising of spiritual consciousness for the whole body-mind-spirit being in total.

I was considered a professional and a good one most my life as an investigator. I fought for what is good and right in society. I always helped others with cases in the legal system. Be it as a private investigator, legal investigator, or as a government employee. I chose the side of the law that was considered the right side for the people who lived in my country. Because I have had some changes in my physical body and am now old, I write about my experiences. Those who can do the job do and those who can no longer serve in the doing capacity teach. That has always been the rule of our humankind on earth. Those who have a young energy in life are to do good things to help themselves and others. Those who can no longer function at full energy capacity are asked to teach others what they know. It is the way it has always been on earth.

Unfortunately in the world today, there are many who do not have the old ways taught to them. The world in which we now live allowed for the children of our kind to be only taught by their parents or by those who were in the family, clan, group, or community. If they child was born to a family with good knowledge of others above as we were taught then they become good being and in a positive light as citizens on earth.

But, if they child is born to parents who are not considered good based on their own freewill choices or based on the way they were brought up to exist in their family, clan, group, or community, then they can turn our bad or seeing the world in a negative light or bad citizens who may be killed or be incarcerated for injustice to society. In many countries around the world, they deal with their own who are born in the country and speak the language that is used at the time the child is born. Some have good and bad upbringings but the one thing that usually sticks with them is the language and logistics. This is being studied now in anthropology and ontology. I study both subjects while knowing that much of who the human kind species is now is based on many old ways.

Some were tweaked along the way in a good way and some bad. This also is the way of the human kind species of which we are all one intelligent beings species.

We are all responsible for our one human intelligent beings species. This is why I write. I accept that I can no longer make a large contribution in fighting crime and the negative the way I once did. So, I write.

We are all ET UFO Friends. This is something that has not come to light to the entire global community. Be this read by those who are good or bad, there is hope for all. This is what beings like me bring to earth is the faith and hope of the future as futurists entrepreneurs.

We are here to share with the greater good that there is a plan and there is a connection to those above who want only the best for all of us on earth as one intelligent being species. We are all one and one for all.

This is why the new Global Community Proclamation for all Universal Virtual Citizens as UVCs. This title is given to all as once class of citizens on earth and does not discriminate. We are all one. To be Continued.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Because we all are drawn in every direction we must realize that there are many levels of our being. We must first learn about our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

We must learn to provide for ourselves and train our children.

We are important and we train beings on earth.

We are learners and explorers.

We have education on earth and formally in our schools.

We know that before we send our children out to survive on their own to be a citizen of the world that it is our responsibility as universal virtual citizens to teach the truth.

We teach our children in school about citizenship.

We instruct our universal virtual citizens or uvc's how to become a better person and to be part of the whole world that we refer to as "WE THE PEOPLE."

There is no "I" in Team is a popular way to say that when one joins others, we think as a team. But, there is no "WE" without the "I" in all of us. So this meaning is pointless unless the importance of each individual unit of the species is treated with admiration and respect. We are universal virtual citizens and our education should not stop as an I person on planet earth and this is where the education stops.

WE must learn to cooperate together as a species on this one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy, in a cluster, of the web in stellar space. The clusters and super clusters are part of the grid or web in the dark matter. The dark matter has holes.

We know now that our super telescopes tell us we are one galaxy in the vast universe that goes out in our way of thinking for all time and eternity. There is no end in sight.

Therefore, we need to first address our universal virtual reality before we can proceed to meet officially the other intelligent beings from other galaxies.

WE are Universal Virtual Citizens (UVC)s.

Office of the [President, Governor/Mayor]


Global Proclamation of Universal Virtual Citizens

WHEREAS, our community and communities across America are welcoming many new neighbors,

friends, employees and citizens from countries and cultures throughout the world -- people for whom

English is not their native language; and

WHEREAS, Americans have growing social, cultural and economic ties to the global community,

offering great opportunities but presenting new challenges as we seek to communicate with and

understand our international partners from different language and culture backgrounds; and

WHEREAS, studying other languages has been shown to contribute to increased cognitive skills, better

academic performance and a greater understanding of others, while also providing life-long learning

opportunities for people beyond school age; and

WHEREAS, proficiency in other languages enhances Americans´ career opportunities and provides

employers with a workforce with the necessary skills for an international marketplace; and

WHEREAS, foreign language educators are working cooperatively to promote the benefits of language

learning to students, parents, business, industry, health and social services leaders, and policy makers

throughout the nation; and

WHEREAS, language education in the 21st century includes a commitment to the study of long

sequences of world languages beginning in the early grades to enable students to develop the levels of

proficiency needed to effectively communicate with people from other cultures whether at home or

abroad; and

WHEREAS, language educators are urging the public to recognize the value of delivering better

education to our students, of expanding the cultural and literary horizons of adult learners, and of

strengthening America´s position and security around the world;

WHEREAS, our future depends on our total populations survival and understanding the world in which we live with a broader expansion of knowledge, communication, and information in Cyberspace; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that the date, December 21, 2012, 11:11 universal time will pass of over and around this planet and will be the first universal experience of any large global historical recognition,

NOW THEREFORE, I, (_______________, ________________) of _______________

name title town/county/state

do hereby proclaim 2009 as

The Year of Languages and

do hereby proclaim 2012 as

The Year of Universal Citizens

in ______________ and urge all universal virtual citizens to become familiar with the terms, services and benefits, in all languages and all countries of the world's entire total universal virtual citizens languages as one species.

We desire to share this proclamation with not just the citizens of the United States of America but with all countries and people of planet earth.

We desire to send this not only to our President of the United States to discuss with others at the G20 meeting in September, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but to continue to discuss the entire universal virtual citizens and their new Persona's in cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web.

We desire new economic programs to support financial funding in all our schools and homes in America for future economic and environmental changed for our future to come.

We offer this as a proclamation proposal of all citizens of the world in all locations;

We ask each being on the Internet in Cyberspace to share this level of knowledge with all the citizens that they know, network and communicate information with in their perspective locations on earth. This can be sent to world leaders of both the eastern and western hemispheres,in countries, regions,towns/counties/states of America.

We ask that all languages and knowledge of the entire universe be offered by language education programs in our state and community and to support and

participate in these programs to gain proficiency not only in English, but in other languages as used in the social networks as well.

We acknowledge languages offered for free on the Internet and feel that if a language is used in Cyberspace and on the Internet that it should be taught free of charge on virtual reality with our avatar persona's recognized in coordination with our computer identification and codes.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the United States of America on this _______day of ____________________,2009.

or (City/County/State) of _________________ this _______day of ______________, 2009.

There will be a plan and process of instruction for those interested in expanding the global consciousness. We are expanding our universal knowledge to include all beings of all species.

Sunday, May 31, 2009



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To proclaim in Cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web that we proclaim we are an intelligent being species from Stellar Space be it where our God or Higher Power, or Creator may have originated.

We claim that we are to take time to be one species on a certain day at a certain time each year with an Inspired Media Proclamation for all on planet earth.

We are a last generation prior to the new world awakening to universal space time.

We will be the witnesses of historical global change. The World Leaders and the United Nations should take it upon the G20 meeting in September sponsored in Pittsburgh, United States of America to formulate a new awareness celebration of anew. Proclamation. I respectively strongly suggest that the world celebrate our ancient ancestors world wide each year by the time our ancestors brought forth as a new time for renewal and reflection on this planet as news in a positive light.









To proclaim in Cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web that we proclaim we are an intelligent being species from Stellar Space be it where our God or Higher Power, or Creator may have originated.

We claim that we are to take time to be one species on a certain day at a certain time each year with an Inspired Media Proclamation for all on planet earth.

We are a last generation prior to the new world awakening to universal space time.

We will be the witnesses of historical global change. The World Leaders and the United Nations should take it upon the G20 meeting in September sponsored in Pittsburgh, United States of America to formulate a new awareness celebration of anew. Proclamation. I respectively strongly suggest that the world celebrate our ancient ancestors world wide each year by the time our ancestors brought forth as a new time for renewal and reflection on this planet as news in a positive light.

I propose to the people of the world that we celebrate together a certain time.

That at the exact time or point of origin being all at the time that according to our International Time Zones that is divided into 24 time zones, each 15 Degrees longitude wide we each take a moment of time in 60 second increments as minutes on the best time piece afforded the entire world population do celebrate together at the following time in memory of all our ancient ancestors who have come to earth before us.

That on the day known as December 21, 2012, 11:11 that the whole entire species in all languages, in all locations, of all cultures, of all traditions be asked to take a moment for prayers, meditation, and cease fire as a moment of war and peace to reflect on how far we have come as one species. This time of reflection can be the same as some on earth have been known to reflect a day celebrated as New Years Day.

This proclamation will be sent to the President of the United States to be presented in September at the G20 Summit for New Business put before the Board of Directors of a New Global Alliance to assist in future infrastructure of goodwill for the entire species.

Inspiring World Media to the calling and election in education awareness of what is called the Ascension Awakening Celebration of our Ancient Ancestors.

I, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, being of sound mind and judgment put forth this personal request as a spiritual United States Citizen to the President of The United States of America, President Barack Obama. I hereby make a request to the United States of America to personally endorse this Global Community Proclamation as a Global Ambassador of Goodwill for the Greater Good of the Entire Earth Species.
The next generation being born will be the new spiritual souls coming to earth. We will plan and rejoice over these new beings like never before. The new spirits coming to earth will arrive at a space time that our ancestors predicted when we will have DNA, RNA, GENOME, RETINA signatures on file for every being born.

In other words, the world will herald in the new global divination of the new class beings.
The Obama World Solar System that includes earth and the species on it! Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris commonly known as an Extraterrestrial Oracle Messenger for the Supreme Council shares this knowledge with those who will hear and for those who can see let them see. For those who cannot hear and see learn from those who can. This is a new Proclamation. Proclamation of Prediction for the year of Obama World 2012.

These beings will be born both male and female when the planet will be entering a time when cultural, gender, race, and social class discrimination will have ended.

On December 21, 2012, 11:11 the planet earth will become recognized to have obtained a new galactic class heraldry home to a homo genus species of ascension sentient intelligent beings.

American Culture International Relations also known as ACIR will begin the new generation education with an arts and sciences awareness coalition. There is a truth in all beginnings. We are those who are now these children of earth’s ancestors.

The defining moment of the first spiritual soul being born on this planet and the first newborn that enters each continent the first second after this recorded date and time in history will be recorded above and below.

It will be up to the entire global population to participate in the new global community alliance.

We will all be a participant with our own brains as part of the new defining moment of the brane in stellar space and defining the new space time continuum.

How does the whole world participate in one exact moment as an entire enlightened species on one planet in space all at the same defining moment.

We are all important every single being on earth. We are all part of all living things.
There is a reason for all things, all beings, and all creations. There is a purpose to being on earth as a citizen of the intelligent being species.

It is my duty as a citizen of the earth, having came and went, have lived, died, and lived again to proclaim that at one particular point in time on this planet we will all become equal. We are all the same but at one particular point in time created on this planet by our ancient ancestors, we will have become enlightened as all one intelligent being species.

We will be recorded and welcomed above in the alliance of all galaxies in space in this universe.

Because the “I” in each intelligent being is simply a way to communicate information of a single unit also known as a universal virtual citizen in the Universal Alliance.

The “I” is also known as the “WE”. The world is now preparing to accept that there are others all over the planet with the same needs to survive. The planet and citizens who are considered the world leaders will adopt the way the world is today versus the way the world will become.

This is a new time, a new space race, and a new way to handle the world. There will be a new reform and a new restructuring.

This will include all beings regardless of the gender, ethnic origin, faith, religion, social upbringing, culture, group, community, region, city or town location, social class, country, and even the incarcerated. There will be a global truce and all warring nations will declare a truce for this time as it passed over and around the planet earth.

The planet will see a new day coming as the new horizon that welcomes the new beginning on the way we keep time. All time pieces are to be reset for historical purposes and reasons in the spiritual world of which we are recognized in body-mind-spirit.

There are many spirits in this world. There are many beings incarcerated. We have both good and bad beings the same as we have good and bad spirits here on this planet. The good spirits are considered of the positive energy magnetism. The bad spirits are considered of the negative energy in magnetism.

Like attracts like and we need both in order to be humankind in a positive and negative world with light and darkness. Life does revolved around the sun this is true and we need the sun in order to survive. In the past our ancestors that were born on earth worshipped the sun with good reason for they saw without the sun there was no life on earth in all the various forms. Some knowledge put into concepts, precepts, and perspective makes sense in the time and place where the first thoughts were perceived by one in the “I” that came to be accepted as the “WE”. We are all one in many respects that can be shared as a species in a universal class planet that sustains life. We are the one planet in our solar system with intelligent beings. We are not the only solar system that sustains life. There is a difference in the I and We in the philosophical and spiritual sense of the words.

We tend to separate those who have committed sins as crimes against others. There is a saying on earth that used words among our ancient ancestors. Some beings have been remembered for their work, words, teaching, and sayings on earth. For what reason one might ask? It is because it was time on earth to accept a higher order and way of thinking and for some this meant accepting and believing. One can only be as one allows inside and out. This is the destiny of a single unit. The single unit or vessel of spirit may not be aware of the spiritual connection to all beings and all living things. It is time for this knowledge to become awareness. With all living things not just in this solar system but in others.

Judge not lest ye be judged. This one way of being deals with morals and ethics on this planet. We have all committed this act of one to another in the past based on our ancestors teachings to those who come to earth waging war and peace.

For a day in the courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of Wickedness. .Ps. 84:10

So Judas did to Christ: but he, in twelve, Found Truth in all but one; I, in twelve thousand, none. Shakespeare, RII 4.1. 70

Don’t throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass. Benjamin Franklin

For the butterfly, mating and propagation involve the sacrifice of life, for the humans, the sacrifice of beauty. Goethe

The news of the Sun aligning with the Black Hole in the Middle of our Galaxy has been foretold by our ancient ancestors and is in many myths, legends, stories of our native Indians on this planet.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is a faith based saying among those who believe in a God. Regardless of what one believes inside their own lost soul, we are all the same in body-mind-spirit creation as a species. It is not time for our purpose to be known to all as one intelligent being species. There is a divine order and purpose to life when all that occurs is shared in confidence to carry on the divine purpose of being.

I like all am only one. I am only one unit or being on the planet we call earth. I like all others was born. I like all others desire to live. I like all others desire to know. I like all others will welcome the changes to occur in my life while I am among the living.

I am only one person like all others are here to learn the balance of life in a positive and negative energy world. I seek to find that which I am. I accept that I am that I am. I know that my essence is energy and that I am a part of all there is. I know the difference between being spiritual energy essence inside a mind and body versus a spiritual essence energy outside the mind and body of this vessel I use to remain at this level of life among others as one species. We are all searching for answers. Don’t shoot the messenger, I just call them the way I see them. TJ Morris tm ACIR - ET ORACLE FOR OBAMA WORLD.

American Culture International Relations - Advisory Counsel Intergalactic Civilizations. “Keeper of the Flame” has proclaimed Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, ORACLE, known as TJ MORRIS tm ACIR in this reincarnation as the Patroness of Legends and Myths. Legends and Myths are used when the truth is to dangerous to share and tell.

It is hereby proclaimed that the whole world will be watching and participating on the planet Earth date December 21, 2012, 11:11 at which time the sun our of Earth’s solar system will align with the center of our Milk Way Galaxy known as a Black Hole.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

TJ Morris on a David Icke Story - Two Views - Possibly Opposing - But good to know

FW: patents that are for controlling or monitoring us?
From: David Icke
To: TJ Morris
Subj: Paranormal

This is from David Icke Its about the patent that was approved for the so called Mark of the Beast after this article please see other mind blowing patent on the borad hurry they a quickly being removed since all are being used for or buy the Government , and Oh please ASS wipe don’t say where this can from> LOL
by David Icke
I have just received the following on the internet. It is a long winded way of saying that they have invented the technology to mark people with a "tattoo" which can be scanned by technology at the shops, etc.

This "tattoo" would carry all of our financial and personal details and no purchase would be possible without the sanction of the machine.This is precisely what researchers like myself and many, many, others have been predicting for so long - the introduction of bar-coded people answerable to a global computer.

Far from being recently invented, these technologies have been waiting in the wings for a long time to be introduced when the Illuminati consider the people have been sufficiently conditioned to accept them. Micro-chipped animals have been part of this preparation. So has the fast emerging cashless society. If you go into a shop now with electronic money, a credit card, and the machine won't accept it, you can still purchase with cash. But when there is no cash, only electronic money, the machine is in control of what, where, and whether, you purchase. And guess who will be in control of the machine?

I met a scientist working for the CIA against his will, who told me years ago that not only did the technology exist then, but that it's real purpose was far more sinister even than electronic tagging. It was designed, he said, to externally manipulate human thoughts and emotions. That's the real reason - to turn humans into literal robots and to have babies bar-coded at birth so their minds and emotions can be controlled from the start. The plan is to make it impossible to be born onto Planet Earth without being connected to the Illuminati-reptilian technology from day one.

Given the now widespread circulation of this information about the micro-chipping-bar-coding plan, it makes even more staggering the comments by "alternative" talk show host, Art Bell, summarised on the first page of this website.

Here are the details of the patent as circulated on the internet. It is just one of many such technologies and you will see how it is being justfied by the very same methods predicted in my books and others - to stop people stealing credit cards and to make financial transactions "safe".

United States Patent 5,878,155

Heeter March 2, 1999

Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale transactions Abstract

A method is presented for facilitating sales transactions by electronic media. A bar code or a design is tattooed on an individual. Before the sales transaction can be consummated, the tattoo is scanned with a scanner. Characteristics about the scanned tattoo are compared to characteristics about other tattoos stored on a computer database in order to verify the identity of the buyer. Once verified, the seller may be authorized to debit the buyer's electronic bank account in order to consummate the transaction. The seller's electronic bank account may be similarly updated.


Heeter; Thomas W. (55 Lyerly, Houston, TX 77022)

Appl. No.: 709471

Filed: September 5, 1996

U.S. Class: 382/115

Intern'l Class: G06K 009/00

Field of Search: 382/115,116,124-127,100,128,133 348/77,15,161 209/3.3,555 356/71 340/825.34 235/379,380,382

U.S. Patent Documents 3584958Jun., 1971Miller et al.382/126.

Primary Examiner: Kelley; Christopher S.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Casperson; John R.


1. A method of human identification to facilitate electronic sale transactions comprising the steps of: Providing identity information about a purchaser on a storage medium; providing skin marking invisible ink, applying said invisible ink to an appendage of said purchaser to form a tattoo on said purchaser; storing characteristics about said tattoo on said storage medium to form stored characteristics about said tattoo; and linking said identity information about said purchaser to said stored characteristics about said tattoo.

2. A method of human identification as in claim 1 further comprising the steps of: Providing financial information about said purchaser on said storage medium, and linking said financial information about said purchaser to said identity information about said purchaser.

3. A method of human identification as in claim 1 further comprising the steps of: Providing financial information about said purchaser on said storage medium, and linking said financial information about said purchaser to said stored characteristics about said tattoo.

4. A method of human identification as in claim 2 further comprising the steps of: Scanning said tattoo on said purchaser with a scanning device to obtain scanned characteristics of said tattoo on said purchaser, comparing said scanned characteristics to characteristics about other tattoos found on said storage medium in order to determine if said scanned characteristics match said stored characteristics about said tattoo on said purchaser stored on said storage medium, and only if said scanned characteristics match said stored characteristics then providing said linked identity information in order to verify the identity of said purchaser.

5. A method of human identification as in claim 4 further comprising the step of: Only if said scanned characteristics match said stored characteristics then providing said linked financial information in order to verify that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate a sales transaction.

6. A method of human identification as in claim 5 further comprising the step of: Only upon verification that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate said sales transaction then modifying said stored financial information about said purchaser to reflect a consummated sales transaction.

7. A method of human identification as in claim 3 further comprising the steps of: Scanning said tattoo on said purchaser with a scanning device to obtain scanned characteristics about said tattoo, comparing said scanned characteristics to characteristics about tattoos stored found on said storage medium in order to determine if said scanned characteristics match said stored characteristics of said tattoo on said purchaser stored on said storage medium, and only if said scanned characteristics match said stored characteristics then providing said linked financial information in order to verify that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate a sales transaction.

8. A method of human identification as in claim 7 further comprising the step of: Only upon verification that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate said sales transaction then modifying said stored financial information about said purchaser to reflect a consummated sales transaction.

9. A method of human identification as in claim 5 further comprising the steps of: Providing financial information about a seller on said storage medium, and only upon verification that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate said sales transaction then modifying said stored financial information about said seller to reflect a consummated sales transaction.

10. A method of human identification as in claim 7 further comprising the steps of: Providing financial information about a seller on said storage medium, and only upon verification that said purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate said sales transaction then modifying said stored financial information about said seller to reflect a consummated sales transaction.



1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to the identification of humans. More particularly, the present invention relates to the application of invisible, indelible tattoos on humans for purposes of identification in order to conduct monetary and credit transactions in a secure manner.

2. Description of the Related Art. The advent of computer networks, particularly computer networks owned by financial institutions, has created the ability to conduct point-sale transactions in unforseen ways. While credit cards have been in use for many years, new forms of cards are appearing that take the place of paper money. This new form of cash, commonly called "e-money," is placed onto a card with a magnetic strip, much like a credit card. Unfortunately, as with credit cards, e-money can be stolen.

However, unlike credit cards, e-money can be used by the thief with relative impunity because e-money, as with regular cash, is not registered as "owned" by anyone.

In order to facilitate the identification of humans, governments have issued cards and papers with the names and photographs of the person to which the card or paper is issued. An example of such a card or paper is the common drivers license or passport. However, as with credit cards and e-money, the drivers license or passport can be lost or stolen. In addition, phoney identification cards can be made by unscrupulous individuals. There are, however, systems for verifying use of a credit or identification card.

Such a system is described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,513,272 to Bogosian, herein incorporated by reference for all purposes. The Bogosian system uses fingerprint and voice print matching to verify the identity of the card holder. Unfortunately, this dual matching is subject to problems, particularly when the card holder has a cold or other respiratory infection that affects speech patterns.

There have been other methods to permanently identify humans. During the holocaust, the Nazis tattooed the arms of Jews with a unique identifying number. On an episode of the "X-FILES," a fictional television program on the FOX television network, a human was abducted by aliens who conducted experiments on the abductee. In order to permanently tag the abductee, the aliens etched a unique bar code onto one of the abductee's teeth. Neither of these methods is practical for marking humans for electronic sale transaction purposes. First, social conscience dictates that any permanent marking of humans not be conspicuous, such as a visible numbering on an arm like the holocaust victims. Second, the bar code must be long enough, large enough, and accessible enough to make the transaction efficient. Thus bar codes on teeth would not be practical because of the limited size of the teeth and the embarrassment caused by sales personnel placing scanning equipment in a customer's mouth.

There is, therefore, a need in the art for verifying the identity of humans by electronic means that facilitates the transaction of sales, particularly e-money, through computer networks. It is an object of the present invention to overcome problems in the prior art.


The present invention solves the problems inherent in the prior art. A unique bar code or a unique design is tattooed with invisible ink on an individual. The tattoo can be either temporary or permanent and can be on any convenient portion of the person's anatomy, preferably the forearm. When the individual desires to make a sales transaction, the tattoo is scanned with a scanner. Characteristics about the tattoo are then compared to characteristics about other tattoos stored on a computer database. If the scanned characteristics match those on the database, then the person is identified and the seller will be authorized to debit the buyer's electronic bank account (assuming the buyer has sufficient funds). Unlike credit cards or identity papers, a tattoo cannot be easily lost or stolen.


FIG. 1 shows a tattoo on a human forearm of the identification system of the present invention, FIG. 2 shows a scanner scanning a tattoo of the identification system of the present invention, FIG. 3 shows a computer network of the identification system of the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a flowchart illustrating a method of operation of the present invention.


As shown in FIG. 1, a tattoo 20 is applied to an appendage 30 of the wearer 15. In the preferred embodiment, an invisible, indelible ink would be used. A suitable ink would be "INVISIBLE SKIN MARKING INK #743" which is manufactured by Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories, 100 Hunter Place, Youngsville, N.C.

The tattoo 20 itself can be of any convenient shape or size. The invention works best when the tattoo is unique because no other means of identification are necessary. Although an invisible ink could be used, the invention would work equally well with a tattoo that is visible to the human eye.

In such an instance, a decorative design tattoo may be preferred by the wearer 15. Although in the preferred embodiment the tattoo 20 is permanent, the invention would work equally well with a temporary tattoo that made with removable ink. Furthermore, if the individual 15 does not wish to wear the tattoo 20, he or she may have the design or bar code placed on another medium, such as the skin adhesive material used for securing EKG leads. Suitable skin adhesive material is made by the Bard Parker Company. The tattoo 20 is placed on the skin adhesive material which, in turn, is placed on the wearer 15.

Aside from tattoos, the present invention also comprises a computer network 100 as shown in FIG. 3. Tattoo 20 characteristics are stored with the wearer's name, address, etc. in the identity database 50. Financial information about the wearer 15 is stored in a financial information database 60 that is part of the network 100. If necessary, the characteristics of the tattoo 20 can be combined with the financial nformation in the financial database 60, eliminating the need for a separate identity database 50 and allow the wearer 15 to remain anonymous during a commercial transaction. A suitable storage medium for the identity database 50 and the financial database 60 is a common tape drive or a hard disk drive. One or more scanners 40, and one or more central processing units (CPU) 80 are also attached to the network 100. The CPU 80 is used to compare scanned tattoo 20 characteristics with the tattoo 20 characteristics stored in the identity database 50. A suitable CPU is a microprocessor such as the "PENTIUM" made by Intel Corporation. If the tattoo 20 is visible to the naked eye, then any common scanner is suitable for the present invention. If invisible ink is used for the tattoo 20, then a scanner capable of emitting Type A ultraviolet light (UV-A) must be used. Under UV-A, the "invisible" tattoo appears as a brilliant white with human skin appearing as dark, providing a useful contrast for scanning purposes. However, standard scanners are designed to detect dark markings on a light background. For the scanner to read a "negative" bar-code, outside light must be minimized. Fortunately, these low-light conditions can be obtained easily by using an opaque covering on the scanning device. The characteristics of the tattoo 20 can be combined with the wearer's fingerprint characteristics as well as the wearer's name, address, social security number, and any other desired information and stored on the identity database 50 as shown in FIG. 3. The name of the wearer/purchaser's financial institution, as well as current account information, are stored in the financial database 60. Once the wearer 15 has deposited sufficient funds with the financial institution, and once the identity database 50 and the financial database 60 are updated, the wearer 15 is able to conduct electronic sales transactions. After a tattoo 20 has been placed onto an appendage 30 of the wearer 15 as shown in FIG. 1, the wearer 15 is ready to practice the present invention. All of the scanners 40, CPUs 80, as well as the identity database 50 and financial database 60 are linked together by a common databus 70 to form the network 100 as shown in FIG. 3.

The preferred method of operation, as shown in FIG. 4, is as follows: In step 200 of FIG. 4, the purchaser selects an item for sale and initiates the sales transaction. In step 210, after the purchaser has made his/her selection, the seller's agent first scans the bar code on the article being sold in order to load information about the article and the seller for inventory and cost purposes. Next, in step 220, the tattoo 20 is scanned by scanner 40 as shown in FIG. 2. If additional identification is deemed necessary, the wearer's fingerprints may also be scanned. In step 230 of FIG. 4, the scanner 40 digitizes the image of the tattoo 20 and the cost/seller-identity information.

The scanned characteristics about the tattoo 20 and the purchase/seller information are is sent (or in computer parlance "written") from the scanner 40 to the CPU 80 via network databus 70 as shown in step 240 of FIG. 4. The CPU 80 then searches the identity database 50 for stored characteristics about tattoos in step 270. In step 250, the CPU accesses the stored characteristics of tattoos found in the identity database 50 and then compares them to the scanned characteristics of the tattoo 20.

In step 260, it is determined whether or not the scanned characteristics match the stored characteristics stored in the identity database 50. If a match does not occur, step 270 and step 250 are repeated until a match is found or the scanned characteristics have been compared to all of the available stored characteristics in the identity database 50. If a match is never found, the sales transaction can be canceled. However, if a match is found, the identity of the wearer 15 can be provided to the seller because the purchaser's identity is linked to the stored characteristics of the tattoo 20 stored in the identity database 50 as shown in step 280 if FIG. 4. The seller, or, in the alternative, the simple matching and consequent identity verification, can trigger CPU 80 to query the financial database 60 to determine if the wearer 15 has sufficient funds to consummate the sales transaction as shown in step 290 of FIG. 4. If the data in the financial database 60 confirms that the wearer 15 has sufficient funds (step 300), then the sales transaction can be consummated. If the purchaser does not have sufficient funds, the seller can be so notified in step 310. Once the sale is consummated, the CPU 80 can be instructed to modify the wearer's 15 account information in the financial database 60 to reflect the results of the sales transaction as shown in step 320 of FIG. 4. Finally, the seller's account information on the financial database 60 can also be modified to reflect the results of the sales transaction as shown in step 330 of FIG. 4.

The forgoing is a description of the arrangement and the operation of an embodiment of the present invention. The scope of the present invention is considered to include the described embodiment together with others obvious to those skilled in the art.

* A method is presented for facilitating sales transactions by electronic media. A bar code or a design is tattooed on an individual. Before the sales transaction can be consummated, the tattoo is scanned with a scanner. Characteristics about the scanned tattoo are compared to characteristics about other tattoos stored on a computer database in order to verify the identity of the buyer. Once verified, the seller may be authorized to debit the buyer's electronic bank account in order to consummate the transaction. The seller's electronic bank account may be similarly updated.
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